At Danish Terrace we value and care for the customer and we offer one of the most professional services on the market. You will be taken through your desired run as fast as possible with some of the top PvE players in World of Warcraft. If a run is bought with loot, you will receive all loot for your chosen specialization with the loot rules you aspire.


Danish Terrace always tries to deliver every single order quick and swift to satisfy the customer. Normal and heroic have a maximum waiting time on 1 week, while mythic has a 2-3 weeks waiting time. This means if a normal or heroic run is bought you are insured to get your ordered run in 1-7 days.

Payment method

If you buy a run at Danish Terrace you are required to pay 25% upfront. This is to insure us that you are serious about buying this run and not simply wasting our time. The last 75% will then be paid before the first boss in the purchased run.

The Emerald Nightmare

- Mythic Full Clear Loot - 4 MIL

- Mythic Xavius Kill + Loot (Title "The Dreamer") - 2 MIL

- Mythic 4/7 Loot run - 1.5 MIL

- Heroic Full Clear ML (15 people) - 800k

- Heroic Full Clear PL - 500k

- Heroic Xavius "Ahead of the Curve" - 300k

- Normal Full Clear PL - 350k

- Normal Xavius "Rift of Aln" - 150k

Mythic Dungeon+

- Mythic KEY 15 "Keystone Master" - 4 MIL

- Mythic KEY BOOST PACKAGE 0-10 (W. Keystone Conqeror) - 1.5 MIL

- Mythic "Keystone Conqueror" (We provide a level 10 key) - 1 Mil

- Mythic KEY 2-3 (Guaranteed 3 Chest) - 50k

- Mythic KEY 4-6 (Guaranteed 3 Chest) - 150k

- Mythic KEY 7-9 (Guaranteed 2 Chest) - 350k

- Mythic KEY 10 (WEEKLY CACHE) (880 Ilevel Guaranteed) - 500k

Contact Information

If you have any questions or want to purchase a run, add Fastnik#21789 on, Fastnik on Skype, or simply contact an officer from Danish Terrace in-game.